Disadvantages of Bluetooth Headsets

Disadvantages of Bluetooth Headsets

Everything in this world has its good points and bad points. Same thing applies for the Bluetooth headset. According to some people, this gadget comes with a big price. They find it expensive as this comes with 10 times the price of the traditional wired headset. According to them, it is wastage of money to buy this headset.

The timber of the Bluetooth headset is low and does not provide as good a music listening experience to music lovers. They rather prefer hearing it with the use of a wired headset; they think the music is heard better and clearer with the wired headset. The sound that comes out of the Bluetooth headset is of mono output in most cases. This does not appeal too many people. They find the output as unclear, specially the people who have hearing difficulty. Some people rather choose to not use their cell while driving as precautionary measures than using one of these Bluetooth headsets.

The most disadvantageous part is that you have to stay close to your main gadget to avail the optimum sound quality of the headset. This is very irritating as you have to move around as close as possible to attain the good effect. If you move your head a bit roughly there can be sound disruption. Many find this as worthless wireless invention. It’s better to use the wired headset and enjoy music, chatting on the internet and talking on the phone. However, for mobile person or professionals it is still a wonderful device.

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