How to Find Cheap Cell Phones

Cell phones are never cheap. You may find one for free, but only if you lock yourself in a contract. What do you do if your phone gets damaged and you can not get a cheap upgrade? Fortunately, there are places to find cheap handsets so keep reading. Sure, your phone provider can provide you with a cheap cell phone when you renew your contract and they can even provide you with a credit. But what happens if you break your phone and do not have insurance?

1. Check if your cell phone upgrade is available: Usually cell phone providers will allow you to get a 2 year price on a phone every two years. Sometimes they even offer you discounts/coupons. This is one of the best ways to get a cheap phone. However, if you can not, then see Step 2.

2. Purchase a cheap phone: The first place to check is eBay and amazon. You can usually buy used handsets there.

3. Purchase a refurbished cell phone: Refurbished phones are always cheap and they are guaranteed and warrantied by the manufacturer like they are new phones. They are repaired by the manufacturer and then resold.

Finding a quality phone for a low price is important! You are already paying a good portion of your budget on the service plan, so you do not want to have to be buying a new phone all of the time! By following the steps above, you will save a lot of money.

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