How To Personalize Your Cell Phone

Most mobile handphones or cell-phones allow you to change the outer look by using different housing, removing the original housing and using newer snap-on housing.

If you have a worn-out looking cellphone, or the appearance is just dull, boring and scratched, you can easily renew its appearance by using a newer housing.

There is a caveat though. There are cell-phones that do not allow you to change anything yourself, and any changes in the housing must be done at their own authorized service center or your warranty will be voided.

Changing the housing or the faceplate is the first step in personalizing your cell-phone.

Secondly, you can change to different color LEDs for your screen, especially if you have a monochrome screen phone.

To really make your cell-phone different from many others, you can choose from a variety of keypad styles. You can even select a keypad that glows in the dark,

If your cell-phone has a visible antenna, you can also use that as a special attraction by changing it to an antenna that can light up when there is an incoming call. This will easily make your cell-phone stands out among the others when you get a call and you are among your friends!

If you are want a completely new look to your housing, you can “skin” your phone with patterns. Apart from protecting it from wear and tear, you can check out how much it costs to have your phone skinned by your cell-phone service center.

A cheaper alternative to personalize your cell-phone apart from skinning is to stick phone stickers, or use fashion straps or decorative accessories. You can keep up to the latest in trends and fashions by matching pouches to your new phone. For example, when the X-Men movie is shown, you can have the X-Men characters on that pouch, or fashion the pouch in the form of a soccer ball during the World Cup Soccer competition or fashion it in the form of a baseball during the Baseball competition season!

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