iPhone Battery – A Review

iPhone Battery – A Review

Among all the components of an iPhone, the iPhone battery plays a critical role. Every user of Apple gadgets will always want to have an enjoyable experience, but this is largely dependent on the durability of the battery installed with the device. Here, you will find some helpful information on this all-essential component.


Basically, the iPhone comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Unlike most of the cell phones on the market, the iPhone battery is an internally installed component, and therefore it’s not user-replaceable. This is because it’s been soldered to the hardware unit of the phone.

Although there has been much controversy on the battery life, Apple states that its iPhone batteries can retain about 80 % of their original capacity after 400 full charge and discharge cycles. Typically, the iPhone battery life is insufficient. However, advancements in design promise higher durability.

Charging Docks

By connection with a PC for syncing through its USB to the dock connector cable, the battery iPhone can be easily charged. Alternatively, it can be directly charged through an AC outlet – it only requires a USB-to-AC adapter which has to be connected to the cable.

How to Replace an iPhone Battery

With the passing of time, the iPhone battery will naturally malfunction. Sometimes, there may be extreme cases where a new one might just die prematurely. In this case, the user can return the phone to Apple for a replacement, provided the duration of its warranty has not expired. Generally, the warranty covers a period of 1 year from the time of purchase, though AppleCare permits its extension to a 2-year period.

Whenever the battery needs to be changed completely, you have to get battery replacement kits. Considering their low prices, these are often used as alternatives to the battery replacement programme of Apple itself. In order to replace the battery, you will have to disassemble the iPhone unit with the use of the kits, thereby exposing its internal hardware.

The battery replacement kits are usually made up of a manual and a screwdriver. After putting your new battery in place, use a soldering iron to install it to the hardware. It is worthy of note that if you own an iPhone 3G, you can easily replace its battery since it’s only fitted with a replaceable connector.

Moreover, no matter how durable the iPhone battery may be, it will always last for few usage hours, owing to the fact that most users almost always use their gadgets for entertainment purposes such as listening to music. Such an activity tends to drain the potential power of phone batteries.

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