Mp7 Cell Phones

Just like electricity and cars, cell phones too have become an integral part of our lives. It is no longer a necessity but a luxury. Cell phone technologies have taken giant strides since the time they were first introduced. New models of cell phones are being frequently launched in the markets that have newer features compared to the earlier ones.

People tend to buy these new models of cell phones as it is not just used to stay in touch with people but is also used to flaunt one`s social status. Today we cannot imagine ourselves to be without our cell phones even for a short span of time as apart from providing entertainment it also helps us in our work.

There is a latest buzz of Mp7 cell phone in the market today as it is a perfect example of what the buyers expect from the modern handset. It comes with a wide range of features to match the needs of the customers. These cell phones provide an incredible array of functions that compel us to wonder about the amazing technology behind it that makes it different from the regular phones.

Usually cell phones are either GSM or CDMA enabled. Mp7 cell phones are GSM enabled devices which is more common worldwide and hence more compatible with other GSM phones. It is more advanced than the Mp3 player. With a built- in FM tuner and support for mobile TV it is a boon for music lovers.

News addicts need not worry about missing out on news as it is readily available. Its memory slot can be used to store videos, pictures and music. It is also equipped with 1.3 mega pixel camera which can click good quality pictures and hence there is no need for a separate camera. Using cables and software you can connect your phone to a computer where you can transfer your pictures. The Bluetooth technology present in these phones helps easily transfer videos, pictures and music. Nowadays the use of keypads in cell phones is declining. The 320 x 240 touch screen which is the successor to earlier keypad technology is more user friendly and makes these phones very attractive.

As the cell phones are becoming very common, people tend to personalise them. The younger generation especially are more conscious of this need and they regularly download the latest wallpapers, logos and ring tones etc.

Although the last word has not been said on the MP7 cell phones, it may be added that not everyone is impressed. Some people think of it as a cheap imitation of the iphone which may not last more than a few months. Also, parents wanting to locate their children through GPS may not find this phone useful. This is quite a drawback considering it is not cheap.


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