Should Kids Have Their Own Cell Phones?

Should Kids Have Their Own Cell Phones?

Every day children come home from school and ask their parents for cell phones. It seems that when some kid in every class gets the first phone, all the other kids want one too. This is just one of the many challenges parents have to go through in these modern times.

Depending on your child’s age, a prepaid cell phone might be the best option for their first phone. A prepaid cell phone plan will allow you child to stay within the allotted minutes and give the parents no need for worry about excessive bills. All young children are going to have to go through a learning curve with a cell phone. They will need to learn how to use a phone, understand that it costs money, learn what “minutes” are, and so forth. Having a phone plan that is prepaid will make things easier for the parents.

There are cell phones that are made specifically for children. These phones don’t have the camera and other expensive features and they are simplistic in nature and much easier to understand than the standard phone meant for an adult. One of the nice features of kids cell phones is that they usually have buttons that are pre-programmed for emergencies and also buttons that will call their parents. Making the phone easy to use and understand is what these phones have in mind.

The younger the child the more basic the phone should be. As a teen grows older, there are phones that have some adult features but not all of them. These phones might have a camera or even a GPS locater feature. Cell phones have become very mainstream now and as more and more kids want phones, the manufacturers will probably come out with more models that are meant specifically for young users.

Most youngsters love gadgets and they love cell phones. They are asking for them at an earlier and earlier age which prompts the question: what age is the right age for kids to be getting and using cell phones? Most will agree that there is a possible safety factor that cell phones give a child because it becomes easier for them to contact an adult. However kids want cell phones to talk to their friends and not their parents. No parent wants their kids to grow up too fast and there is a delicate balance of figuring out what time in life is too soon for something like a cell phone.

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