Smart Choices in Pay As You Go Cell Phone Plans

Smart Choices in Pay As You Go Cell Phone Plans

There are many cellular wireless providers that offer pay as you go cell phone plans. Comparing various company brands, prices, and features can help you make the smart choice. Some of the leading companies to compare include Jitterbug, Liberty Wireless, TracFone, T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, and so forth. To help you make the right choice, together we will consider a few options from the leading cellular companies. Comparing your options allow you to discover, which company may offer you the best choice.

Jitterbug started offering cellular wireless plans a few years ago. The company targets the older Americans and baby boomers in California. This company offers basic phone designs with a variety of service tiers. The problem with Jitterbug is that the company offers expensive pay as you go solutions. Expensive plans often include common features, e.g. text messaging and voicemail. You may want to compare the service with other cellular providers to find the best rates. Consider Alltel.

Alltel started offering prepaid services in 2008. Alltel was purchased by Verizon in 2009. Most customers switched to Verizon as a result of this migration. Alltel Wireless offers prepaid solutions that cover three tiers for various users. Once you subscribe you receive unlimited features for as low as 75 cents per day. Pay 25 cents and add more minutes. Problem with Alltel Wireless is their plans are often expensive. Activation fees are expensive as well. Alltel charges a minimal balance to activate your plan.

You may want to compare Liberty Wireless plans. Liberty is located in Michigan (USA), and is one of the leading prepaid providers for this area. Liberty offers flexible pay as you go cell phone plans, which some offers include unlimited night and weekend calls. Liberty lacks however, because the company offers very little information on their web sites and since 2008, many customers have filed complaints. Compare other companies to make the smart choice.

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