The Danger of Cell Phone Usage to Your Kids

The Danger of Cell Phone Usage to Your Kids

While you may have purchased a cell phone for your child as a means for them to stay in touch with you, these devices can also pose a threat to them. Most of these phones have the Internet, which can put your child in touch with the world. Unfortunately, the world can also contact your child.

The Internet can be a dangerous feature to have on your child’s cell phone. Having online access when they are away from home can enable your child to enter chat rooms. The biggest threat to your child through this type of cell phone usage is sexual predators. These adults will oftentimes pose as children in these chat rooms to coax information from the child, including her cell phone number. Eventually, these predators will try to set up a meeting with the child, usually in a secluded place. As most cell phones have caller ID, the predator will have your child’s number from the first time she contacts him. You need to sit down and explain the dangers that these chat rooms can pose and advise your child not to give out any personal information to anyone that she does not know.

Some teenagers have also visited dating sites on the Web. Online dating is one of the most dangerous activities that these young adults can become involved in. Many times, these “dates” can lead to unwanted sexual relations. You should advise your child not to go out with anyone that they have not met in person.

For the sexual predators that have a flair for computer technology, a GPS can also help them to track down a child. By simply hacking into your child’s cell phone GPS system, these adults can pinpoint your child’s location at any given time. You can speak to your cell phone service provider to discover the steps that you may need to take to prevent this from happening.

Another way that these predators can gain access to your child is through pictures and videos that your child may be trying to send to a friend. Just by pushing the wrong button, these images can be sent to the wrong person, giving this person the ability to send images that may be inappropriate back to your child. You should advise your child to never send pictures of herself to anyone to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

There is another problem that has arisen from cell phone pictures. Inappropriate pictures of youngsters that were taken without their knowledge while they were in the school locker room have appeared on the Internet. Many schools have now banned the use of cell phones in this type of setting in an effort to prevent these types of photographs from being taken.

While there are other safety issues associated with cell phone use by children, sexual predators are by far the most dangerous. By talking to them and explaining the possible consequences of irresponsible cell phone use, you can help your children to protect themselves from these predatory adults.

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