What Are the Best Bluetooth Headsets?

What Are the Best Bluetooth Headsets?

I tend to spend at least tens of minutes on the phone everyday. Sometimes calls catch me in the car, sometimes in the office (where there’s a lot of noise). And the worse thing is that I have three different phones (two for work and one personal one). Juggling with all of them might be pretty awkward sometimes.

That’s why I’m looking for a decent Bluetooth headset that could help me solve some of my problems. It should meet the following requirements:

Should be small, nice looking and comfortable
Should not be very expensive
Should be able to eliminate exterior noise (I think it’s called noise cancelling).
Should be able to connect to different phones in the same time.
Should have a nice battery life (it should last at least 2-3 days, with 1 hours all time each day).
Unfortunately for me, I’m not really a techie guy so, while figuring out what I need was easy, picking a proper Bluetooth headset is not, as I tend to get caught in technical details that really scare me (as I don’t understand most of them).
That’s why I tried to go online and search for the best devices available. I found a couple of sites that sold such headsets, but all offered just specifications. I really needed some inside info from an expert or maybe from some users.

So, after spending a couple of tens of minutes, I was able to find a post about the best Bluetooth headsets available on the market. It contains a list of good such headsets, with price ranging from 30 to 100 bucks and different features. The good part is that via this link I was able to get on a big shop (Amazon) and I could find there pictures and reviews from other buyers that were really helpful.

However, there’s one problem, as this site won’t deliver in my home country, but at least I could find the models that could do well for me. It’s too bad though, because they really had great prices on those headsets and they even promised some good Black Friday online sales offers for later this year.

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