Wireless Office Headsets – Learn About Wireless Headsets

Wireless Office Headsets – Learn About Wireless Headsets

If you currently spend more than 5-10 % of your day on the phone while also multi-tasking to get several other things done throughout your day getting a wireless headset may be a very easy and effective way for you to boost your productivity anywhere from 1 % per day all the way up to as high as 10 % (or more) over the way you are currently getting things done.

There are basically four different types of wireless headsets they are

1.) Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) – Which is used for cordless phone systems. The most commonly used profile of DECT is Generic access profile (GAP).

The GAP profile is used to enable communication between any GAP-enabled DECT base station and its cordless handset. By having this uniformed profile, developers such as Plantronics, Accutone and Jabra have developed wireless headsets that can directly pair with almost any GAP-enabled DECT telephones.

This allows anyone with a DECT Headset to pair it with their home or office DECT telephones and enjoy wireless communication using the wireless headset instead of the handheld receiver.

2.) The 2.4 Â GHz – This is the radio frequency (rf) that the wireless unit is designed to run on. This is an open frequency for wireless devices nonetheless other systems also use it (such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wireless Lan) which can cause problems with interference.

Because 2.4 GHz Headsets operate on a different frequency an additional base-unit is needed for the headset to communicate with the corded telephone base unit (land line).

The headset communicates with the base-unit and the base-unit communicates with the telephone base-unit (land line).

An automatic handset lifter can be used with some 2.4 GHz systems to allow the handset to be lifted wirelessly by pressing a button on the wireless headset.

3.) Bluetooth Headsets – this has become a common wireless profile for wireless mobile phone headsets.

Bluetooth also operates on the 2.4 Â GHz Frequency, similar to Wi-Fi but because it is designed for low power usage, it has a low transmission range.

4.) Bluetooth desktop – With a base-station that connects to the land-line telephone and also the computer sound card, a bluetooth headset can be paired to the base-station, which will allow you to use a single wireless headset for both land-line telephone and computer VoIP communications.

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